Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Today I decided I we are going to try and do at least one fun thing a day while we go through the summer and also count down the days until we move!  Tomorrow we are going to make a calendar page for the month of June so we can 1) Mark off the days we have left in our beloved South and 2) Write the one fun thing we are going to do each day to celebrate summer!  I got the idea of making a summer bucket list from my friend who got it off none other than.... Pinterest!!  I love me some Pinterest!
For us, our summer vacation started May 22- which happened to be the first day V was done with school and also my birthday!  The best birthday present ever- having my 2 precious girls home with me!  :)
We started it out by singing at the nursing home- something H and I do with our church on the 4th tuesday of every month.  We were blessed to have V with us this time making it even more special!

Here is V with one of our special friends
we visit with each time we are there.

There are 2 rabbits that live in the courtyard of the
nursing home we go to and the girls love to stop
and try to pet them!

Sometimes they just like to be left alone!  :)

On our way to our next stop with H
sporting her new mustache.  :)

I HAD to stop at Starbucks for my
free birthday coffee!  Venti caramel
macchiato with skim milk please with
a slice of iced lemon loaf.  Mmmmm. 
Thank you very much!

And of course, I had to get my girls their
treat also. 

You might be asking "what is this a picture of"??
Well, we stopped at the party store because
V wanted to surprise me with some candles
for my cake and a birthday balloon.  We
stopped there before Starbucks and had my
balloon in the car.  When we came out of
Starbucks, we kind of forgot we had a balloon
in the car, opened the door and out it flew!
So, I had my birthday balloon for about 10 minutes
and this is the only picture I got of it.  Very sad.

Then we stopped at Wal Mart clinic.  V's ears hurt and I
needed to get them checked because the next day we were
leaving for our house hunting trip and the last time she flew,
her ears bothered her a lot.  We had to wait about an hour
to see the dr. so we wandered around the store.  V was
insisting on buying me this pinata for my party!! 
I assured her that I was happy with just a picture of it
and she could save her money.  :)

Well, that hour seemed to draaaag on so we decided to camp
out on our favorite swing in the garden section!  I felt like
I should've been telling people as they walked by us why we
were sitting on this swing for a half hour but instead we just
swung away happily enjoying our time together! 
Ahhhh, memories.  :)

Finally we got to see the dr. and being the
wonderful sister she is, H insisted on holding
V's hand while the dr. checked her ears.
Good thing we went....
she had a double ear infection!  That might've
been a wee bit painful on the 2 planes we were
taking the next day!

We had an amazing time together on our house
hunting trip!  We flew into MSP airport, spent
the night at my parents, saw my sister and neice
the next morning and then drove to Wausau in
time to meet with V's new high school.
We spent the next 2 days looking at houses where
we found our wonderful new home! 
Monday morning, we decided to have a fun day
where we took the girls swimming and they
had so much fun!  I must add, they were
sooo good while we dragged them through at least
15 houses, had them sit at the realtor's while we
signed papers, etc.  It was not "fun" for them until
monday morning and we had been there since thursday!

We also had to eat every meal out but we had fun picking
out new restaurants to try and I certainly enjoyed
not cooking! 

This one was one of our favorites- it was a fun
place to eat and it had my newest pregnancy
craving..... fried pickles!  Oh  my, that is so not
a healthy obession to have but let me tell you-
they are delicious!!!

And I was so proud of this little girl- it couldn't
have been easy to be eating out every meal,
sleeping in a different bed, sitting in the van
much of the time and being dragged in and out
of houses but she did so good.  She really got good
at finding the crayons and kids menus at each
restaurant and went right to work creating
masterpieces!  :)

Our last morning at the hotel, the girls played
checkers and had a great time!  It was and is so
cute to watch them play together.  Especially
as H is getting older.  :)

Now we have been home almost a week and have been
enjoying our summer vacation at home! 

This morning after our breakfast, the girls went outside and
V weeded the garden area (where I have nothing planted!) and
H just decided to run back and forth between her sister and
her "fun spot".

Here is her "fun spot".  This girl loves to bring everything outside
and set it on the lawn!!  I have found many of my bowls, pans,
utensils, books, etc outside next to her chair lately!!  She is
just too funny!  And she just sits there looking pleased.  :)

V LOVES animals.  She would live at the animal shelter
if she could.  So, today I decided we would go there so she
could play with the animals and give them some lovin.  :)
Here she is with the kitties and she is in heaven!!!

H enjoyed looking at the kitties also.
But notice, she is on the outside of the door...
not the inside. 

Her and I are both allergic to cats and dogs!!
So, we both sat out on this bench and watched
V through the door.  H and I lasted about
20 minutes- after that I was so tired of sneezing
and being stuffed up and H was sneezing a lot too.
So, I told V she better run by the dogs and get her
fill of them because we needed to get outta there!  :)

She did so good waiting for her sister!  :)

I was sooo glad we could do this for V. We used to go about
once a month to volunteer at the shelter but after we got our
dog, Leo, from there we quit going.  Not quite sure why!

Off to the dogs!

It's so cute to watch H walk up to the
 barking dogs and say in her
little voice, "hello puppy!"

I love seeing V with the animals!!
She just loves them soooo much!!!

I wonder what adventure we will take tomorrow
as we celebrate summer and count down the days
until our move!!
Happy summer!!!